Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Funnies: The Return of Captain Bob

Well, I've noticed that Bob has been appearing in my classroom more.
My example for a project the fifth graders were doing
And more.
Teaching the third graders body parts

And it got me thinking that while some people may remember Bob (Hi, Mom!), most people will not.  So, here's the deal on Bob:

Bob was born while I was in third grade.  I was bored during a test, waiting to turn it in, and I doodled him on the side of my paper.  The only thing that has changed in his appearance over the years has been that I finally decided to make him slightly more proportional (He used to have a giant head and tiny everything else... much like a T-Rex).  Drawing from my love of the Sunday Funnies (and the culture of my family, in which my uncle is a cartoonist), Bob made a career change when I reached middle school, and became a captain with Star Command, an outlet I used to express my frustration with my family's obsession with Star Trek.  It turned out, however, that they found my sarcasm toward the show highly amusing, and I was horrified to realize how many details of it all had stuck with me.  A couple of Bob's comics got published in the school literary magazine, but for anyone to admit enjoying them would be to admit getting the Star Trek / Star Wars references and risk uncoolness, so I stopped drawing them.  In fact, I took almost a complete hiatus from Bob for about a decade, until he showed up in my classroom.

I started missing Bob, Star Command, and his friends this week, so I decided to revive Bob.  Maybe it will just be for this week, maybe it will be a continuing thing.  We'll see.  Luckily, I'm now an adult and not quite as worried about being cool, so I'm completely unashamed to present you with The Return of Captain Bob:


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