Sunday, December 4, 2011

December Prayers

Many people have told me how they have trouble praying, for even five minutes, especially when they're trying to pray for less selfish things.  Well, I've decided to include for you Compassion's December Prayer Calendar.  Click here for a printable version.

Verse of the Month 
“But as for me, I watch in hope for the LORD, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.” — Micah 7:7, NIV

Thursday 1
Pray for three of our children in Peru who were recent victims of severe sexual or physical abuse in their homes or neighborhoods. The children are now safe and their abusers are in jail.
Friday 2
Pray for a healing miracle for 13-year-old Tanwa in Thailand, who has bone cancer.
Saturday 3
Praise God that 32 people gave their lives to Christ at an event led by Leadership Development Program (LDP) students in Kenya!
Sunday 4
During Advent as we wait and watch for the day of Christ’s birth, pray for our registered children who are waiting and watching for personal sponsors.
Monday 5
Pray for healing for 6-year-old Brisnhe in Peru, who is in the beginning stages of leukemia.
Tuesday 6
Pray for our new LDP students in Rwanda as they begin university studies.
Wednesday 7
Pray for the 2,271 Compassion-assisted children and their families in El Salvador who were impacted by heavy floods.
Thursday 8
Pray for Compassion-assisted children Viviane, Victor and José in Brazil, whose mothers are prostitutes and alcoholics.
Friday 9
Pray for Scovia in Uganda, who is hospitalized in Nairobi with Guillain-Barre syndrome.
Saturday 10
Pray for our children and families in Kenya, where tribal violence has killed the father of a CSP child and damaged the homes of 12 Compassion children.
Sunday 11
Praise God that thousands of caring sponsors and donors provided special Christmas donations so Compassion can give a Christmas gift to every child in our programs!
Monday 12
Pray for the Compassion team in El Salvador as they evaluate, train and equip several churches to become Implementing Church Partners (ICPs).
Tuesday 13
Pray for God’s blessing and guidance on the staff of our ICPs around the world.
Wednesday 14
Praise God that nearly 500 children receive Christ as Savior each day through Compassion’s ministries!
Thursday 15
Pray for all the children at our centers to invite Jesus to be Lord of their lives.
Friday 16
Pray for LDP student Mauricio in Ecuador, who recently had surgery to remove a kidney.
Saturday 17
Pray for the more than 200 families who have been displaced as a result of a fire in the Sinai slum in Nairobi, Kenya.
Sunday 18
Pray for our children, staff, and their families in Guatemala as they rebuild from recent floods.
Monday 19
Pray for our children and staff at seven Compassion centers in Ghana who sustained damage to their homes in recent flooding.
Tuesday 20
Pray for our children, staff and their families in Thailand as they rebuild from severe floods.
Wednesday 21
Pray for the people of Burkina Faso after destructive rains and floods damaged many of their crops.
Thursday 22
Pray for academic progress for LDP students in the Dominican Republic.
Friday 23
Pray that God’s Spirit will move multitudes of caring Christians to come alongside 100,000 children who are waiting for sponsors.
Saturday 24
Pray for the families in Nicaragua whose homes were recently damaged or destroyed by flooding and landslides.
Sunday 25
Praise God for the amazing gift of His Son and for the promise of eternal life through Him!
Monday 26
Pray for siblings Rosmery and José in Peru, whose father recently died of cancer.
Tuesday 27
Pray for our children, staff and their families in Colombia who have been impacted by severe floods.

Wednesday 28
Pray that God will raise up outstanding Christian mentors for our LDP students in Haiti.

Thursday 29
Pray for God’s comfort for the families of Arthima, Prasanto and Rishab, Compassion-assisted children in eastern India who recently passed away.
Friday 30
Pray for God’s intervention in Uganda, where inflation is so high that many people cannot afford food and basic needs.
Saturday 31
Pray that in 2012 tens of thousands of additional children find hope and empowerment through Compassion’s ministry.

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