Thursday, December 1, 2011

I feel loved!

Okay, so, I live in this crazy cyber-stalk-y world, where Facebook keeps track of who I talk to the most, and will even automatically stalk them for me so I don't feel like a creeper.  Well, Blogspot makes me go out of the way to check on such things, but it still automatically tracks the locations of people coming to check out my blog.

Now, some of you found your way here because my cousin David just married the lovely and beautiful Sarah, and that's okay... I don't blame you for checking out my blog on account of them.  They're amazing people and I would cyber-stalk them too (and do... no worries!). ;)

Some of your way here by Googling my name... clearly you are interested in ME... thanks. ;)

Some of you somehow managed upon my pictures of Korea while looking for beautiful scenery.

(See how creep-tastic this is??)

Some of you are from Germany, and this makes me happy, because I still miss Germany and KiA deeply, and I'm hoping to be able to come visit sometime in the upcoming months.  (You hear that, Phil?)

It didn't surprise me to find the USA in 1st place for blog hits.
It didn't surprise me to find South Korea in 2nd.
What DID surprise me was when I found that Russia was in 3rd (closely followed by Germany).

Therefore... my Russian friend(s):
I'd love to hear from you... are you thinking of coming to Korea?  Do my late night ramblings entertain you?  Do you just adore my cousin and his wife, too (really, I couldn't blame you for that)?  haha... no pressure there... just wanted to say: I love you too!!!


Sorry if I just creeped y'all out there.  I just thought I'd illustrate this point a little... BUT... I do like the option, because it really does make me feel loved. :)


  1. Greetings from a reader in Mexico =)

    (Though I usually read through Google Reader. Do you know if that is included in the blogspot stats?)

  2. I think so... I see two hits from Mexico this week. Do you ever see hits from S. Korea in yours? I read from Google Reader too.

  3. Haha, thanks, Becky! Although, apparently, for me, cute and exhausted are synonyms. :) Love you!

  4. Becca!

    I think I understand!

    I DON'T think it logs info from Google Reader, and the hits I saw from Mexico were you coming directly to my page to comment.