Saturday, December 10, 2011

10 Reasons to Smile

I spent today in bed.  Literally.  And I'm not ashamed, because I'm working my butt off, and sometimes people just need a day in bed.  I woke up for my newly-instated, monthly Skype call with my cousin Becky, and we talked for two hours.  We've almost always had a rather communicative relationship, whether being pen pals as children, Facebook chatting, or Skyping, we've always managed to keep in touch.  I'm grateful for that.  But that's not the point of this particular post.

The point is, rather that, in my laying around after my Skype chat, I found this wonderful video.  Now don't be fooled; it's not depressing, even though there's a stretch when you think it's going to be.  Just watch it, okay?:

You can't watch that and tell me it's depressing, because, clearly, this kid is now loving life.

SO, because I'm thrilled by this kid, and I too strive to be loving life, I'm going to take his challenge, and I hope you will too.  That beings said, here are The Ten Things That Made Me Smile Today:
10. The excellent heated floor that I am seated on right now.  Korea has some pretty sweet things that come standard with even the smallest of apartments.
9. The fact that Kyle Funke once lived, laughed, and loved on this earth.
8. The pink sky outside my window, presumably brought on by the lunar eclipse that is taking place behind the clouds right now.
This photo really doesn't do it justice.
7. Switchfoot's 2009 album, Hello Hurricane, and my friend Kyle (former guitarist for Della Rosa), who recently went to (and posted a video of) the Switchfoot concert in Nashville, reminding me that I really do love that band.
6. Seeing cut up red bell-peppers on the food line at the English-speakers' Christmas party I went to tonight.  I love red bell-peppers.  Plus, there were tomatoes sitting right next to them.  Yum!
5. Kris, and his perfectly attuned sense of humor (not to mention his good nature).  He keeps me in stitches. 
This is not my photo, but mine was truly horrible, so I didn't want to post it.  For dirty Santa, Kris picked his gift, opening it to find three large bars of almond-filled chocolate.  Kris is, however, deathly allergic to nuts.  This in and of itself is no reason to smile, but his slow, tantalizing description of the chocolate, ending in a loud, "...AND IT WILL KILL ME." was funny enough to put a smile back on my face as I think about it.
4. The English-speakers' Christmas party in general.  There was so much good American Christmasy food, and the dirty Santa gift exchange kept us constantly laughing.  I don't think I've laughed that much since coming to Korea.

3.  Getting to spend time with the guys as an honorary guy after the Christmas party tonight.  In general, I have always preferred spending time with guys rather than girls, because I feel that I don't have to carefully scan everything I say around them, for fear that it will be thrown back in my face while talking to them later.  I feel free to relax and just be myself around "the guys," and this group of guys in particular.  We spent the evening talking about the stupid things we've done in life, laughing and laughing, until Logan got called away to go partake in the Christmas movie he had suggested watching.  Spending time with them definitely put me in a happy place.
2. The opportunity to talk to not one, but TWO of my wonderful cousins.  Yes, I got to speak to Becky for two hours, covering every topic under the sun.  It was so nice to catch up.  I also got to talk to Dave (the one who just got married).  One of the things that has been weirding me out the most about him being married is the fear that we wouldn't be able to relate any more.  But, our conversation didn't seem that different from usual.  Neither of us had very much to say this time around, but he's a guy, so I don't take that as unusual.  :)
1. The beautiful, contagious smile of Kieran Miles (the young man in the video).  I love it so much, and it had an instantaneous affect on my whole demeanor and, ultimately, my day.  I am happier because I know that it (and its owner) exist.  I'm glad he chose to speak out.  I don't know what impact he will make on the world, but I know that he has already made an impact on my life.

So, how about it?  What 10 things made you smile today?



  1. Wow! That is so cool you live in Korea! And this post made me smile too. :)

  2. I'm glad it made you smile, quotid. I think it's pretty cool that I live in Korea as well. What other 9 things made you smile today?

  3. I'm so glad that we got to talk too!! :) Love you!