Friday, December 9, 2011


Hello, friends.

Not only are your inboxes/Google Readers/newsfeeds expanding with my excessive number of posts, my global reach is expanding:
  • I still technically moderate a blog from the beginning of KiA Mainz, called My Mainz Experience.  Although nothing has been written in it since 2009 (technically 2008, since the 2009 date was simply my transcription of the posts into an online form), the entries are extremely valuable, as they are first person accounts of the experience of planting a church in a country that has fallen away from G-d in a very post-modern way.  It's a beautiful record of a life-altering experience.
  • I, of course, write the blog you are currently reading.
  • AND... I just made my first guest appearance on another blog: The Diary of the Unrefined.  My friend Kelsi handles all the goings-on with that one, and I had been promising her a story for a while; I was just slacking on my end.  We'll see if I end up doing another one for her, but, her blog, I expect, will be decently busy, considering the unrefined-nature of our circle of friends.  We always have interesting stories.
I was considering copying and pasting my guest appearance onto here, but I think you can handle clicking the link.  It's really not too much work on your part. ;)

Hope you're well!


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