Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Going in circles

You know, when you're a kid, it's fun to go in circles.  For example, see my third graders in the video of today's "snack party" below:

However, when you're adult, it usually isn't all that fun.  In particular, I despise running in circles, like on a track, but I've always hated that.  "It's just that I'm not GOING anywhere!", I'd always say.

It's funny, though: My life seems to be circling back around to some old plans that I had made but never had the nerve to throw them on my bucket list, and, for once, I'm decently excited about it ("it" being the act of circling).  It would be nice to have some long-term goals again.  For now, I'm still in the planning stages, so I don't especially want to say too much about it, but I would (as always) appreciate your prayers for wisdom, guidance, and a child-like faith that's not afraid of enjoying the circles.


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