Monday, December 12, 2011

It's that time again...

...the time where I'm dealing with governments and trying to get VISAs in order.  At least this time it's for vacation purposes.  Thankfully, I am well trained to have a short-term memory, or else I would never travel.  Good golly, Moses, you'd think they didn't want me to come to their country and blow a whole paycheck!  My word... I thought it was bad getting my VISA to come to South Korea, but it's even more complicated now that I have a 9-5 (well, 8:30-4:30) job in the mix.

Anne: "Yayyyyy!  Vacation's around the corner!  I think I'll go to Thailand and Bangladesh to see two of my Compassion kids!"
Thailand: "Yayyyyy!  Pay me some money when you land; I'll throw a stamp in your passport."
Compassion: "Yayyyy! Pay us some money when we roll up, and we'll throw in a translator and transportation."
Anne: "Yayyyyyy!  Bangladesh?"
Bangladesh: "Hmmm... well... Pay us considerably more than you'll pay at any one place during the rest of your vacation, and we'll consider giving you a VISA for a certain amount of days at our discretion."
Anne: "Really, Bangladesh?  Okay.  I mean, if that's what it takes.  Compassion?"
Compassion: "Yayyyy! Pay us some money when we roll up, and we'll throw in a translator and transportation."
Anne: "Yayyyy! I love consistency!  Here we go over to the travel agent that should be able to do this..."
Travel Agent: "I'll check on that.  Come back tomorrow."
Anne: "Okay." 
(Tomorrow) Travel Agent: "I'm sorry, the embassy forgot to check.  Come back tomorrow."
Anne: "...Okay.  *At least they give me free hot drinks.*"
(Next day) Travel Agent: "I'm sorry.  We cannot arrange your VISA.  You must go to the embassy in Seoul between the hours of 9 and noon, Monday through Friday to drop it off, between the hours of 4 and 5, four days later, Monday through Friday to pick it up."
Anne: *facedesk*

Luckily, it's looking like I can have my friend who works evenings in the Hagwans help me out with this one.  (Here's hoping.)  From what I've seen online, it shouldn't pose a problem, but hey... it's the government... all sorts of things can go wrong.  Anyone seen any information on whether people can turn in paperwork and stuff for others VISA-wise (specifically for Bangladesh)?

Anyone want to pray that we can make this work???

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